While there is plenty of workbench space available for students in the Lab, I hoped to have an undisturbed bench on which to test out projects for future student use. With limited office space, we decided to create a folding, standing-height workbench top that could fold flat against the wall when not in use. A fortunately placed nook in my office offered a great spot. We ordered a maple workbench top, and cut it to length with a circular saw. The students and I decided that decorating the underside would make a visually interesting statement when the workbench was stowed. We chose to carve the RL shield logo into the bottom of the bench with our ShopBot Buddy 48. Andy, Ben, and Rohan were on hand to help align the material, zero out the tool, and watch the tool run.

Safety first!

The next step is to mount the workbench in the office. Stay tuned for updates!

By: Mr. Piper

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